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Who are we?

ALERION develops drones applications through the design of innovative UAV systems, cyber-pysical components and drones operations to answer business needs.

ALERION is a young company and spin-off of the LORIA, a joint laboratory between CNRS, INRIA and University of Lorraine. Its founders’ team is built around experienced researchers and engineers with a passion for flying robots and mobile Internet Things. Safety, Security and Simplicity are in the genes of our company.

Our offer


Our offer: R&D; consulting; engineering as a service; Cyber-physical components development


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Examples of our developments

Drones using 5G technology for environmental monitoring (H2020) Drones for Multiple-drone platform for media production (H2020) Drone for powerlines, penstock, aiport fences inspection
Aim of the project: Development and evaluation of 5G capabilities for aquatic inspection using drones and other UAV use cases Aim of the project: Development of an innovative and intelligent platform for media coverage of major events Aim of the project: Development of a reliable and secure system to inspect infrastructures in various applications
Development: Hybrid drone for inspection of water bodies solution using 5G network and edge computing Development: Small production of identical drone platforms transportables, with 20 minutes to flight time, and carrying a payload including 3 onboard computers, an audiovisual camera, a Lidar and LTE module Development: Drone platform able to fly at least 20 minutes at sea level and in mountain for a maximum of 25kg MTOW. Its payload includes 3 onboard computers, a 50Mpx DSLR and its gimbal and a parachute.



Some of our customers and partners



Contact us

E-Mail: contact[@]

Phone: +33 (0)3 72 74 49 96

Address: Campus ARTEM – 92 Rue du Sergent Blandan  54042 – Nancy Cedex – FRANCE



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