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01Who are we ?

We think
We develop
We build

ALERION is an autonomous robotics design firm.
We accompany you through your business digital transformation.
From drone design to sensor data analysis and visualisation, we turn an idea into an innovative solution tailored to your needs.

02Our skills


Discussing your idea together, understanding your industry, your business and your needs to work out a specification. We strive to ensure the success of your project through our expertise and support.
We are also committed to regularly being partners in collaborative research projects to always stay on the leading edge of technological progress.


Our team can provide you with its extensive skills and know-how: Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Systems, Embedded Development, Human-Machine Interfaces, Command & Control, Robotics… Thus, we develop digital services to add intelligence and autonomy to your systems, transforming your business.


We design a powerful and innovative solution able to improve your business processes. Ranging from building a prototype, adapting your existing solution, integrating software and/or sensors, conducting tests in operational environment… all the necessary steps to ensure a high-quality product and your entire satisfaction.

03Key figures

engineering design firm
years of expertise
million € raised
R&D collaborative projects successfully completed

04Our partners

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